Our Mission

Each time we buy a foreign product we are sending money to foreign countries decreasing our Rupee value. It’s as simple as that. It’s not just an online shopping website but an online “Swadesi Movement” started by us, coz we saw that everybody wants to do it, everybody is concerned, everybody is worried but nobody was taking a step forward. So, we decided to do it.

Our Approach

We have set out on a mission to create a parallel FMCG sector as against the foreign companies FMCG sector which is the main source of Money-drain to out of India. We have to re launch the “Swadesi Movement” started in 1905 by “Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak” .

Our Stories

During our Pre-Independence time, only one foreign company was looting us but after Independence more than 4000 foreign companies are medium of transport of Indian money to foreign countries. It’s as if we have to liberate ourselves from the “Chakravyuh” of these companies & start using our own handmade Indian products which are natural, soothing to skin & free from harmful chemicals.

Our Philosophy

We follow the foot steps of our idol Shri Rajiv Dikshit ji and understand the importance and need of promoting as well as using the home grown products. Khadi is the best thing to happen to India and its time of embrace it and give the artisans and weavers their dues.

मेरा हो मन स्वदेशी, मेरा हो तन स्वदेशी, मर जाऊ तो ​​हो कफन स्वदेशी