The message of the spinning-wheel is much wider than its circumference.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Khadi or ‘khaddar’ is handspun, handwoven cloth which gained popularity during the freedom movement. But for Mahatma Gandhi, khadi was an idea – of self-reliance, freedom from oppression, and economic liberation. Even today, khadi clusters give employment to over 20 lakh people. Young and established designers see it as a symbol of sustainability and Indianness, after all, no two khadi fabrics can be identical.

Popular among Indian designers, this season saw khadi in its most versatile form. Sustainable designers like  Gaurav Jai Gupta experimented with khadi and metal, Anavila showed her signature khadi saris, Ujjawal Dubey created khadi jackets with sharp cuts and Ajay Kumar used his digital prints on handloom fabrics that were developed throughout the country.